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Hillwood Investment Properties

Hillwood Investment Properties is a unique full service industrial and office real estate development and acquisition company. To date, Hillwood Investment Properties has developed 52 MSF, leased 44 MSF, acquired 23.4 MSF and manages 30 MSF in 18 markets across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Hillwood Investment Properties originated at the end of 1998 and was launched as a way for Hillwood to develop industrial and office properties outside of Texas. With projects across the country and around the world, Hillwood, a Perot company, is one of the world’s premier commercial real estate developer, investor, and advisor of high-quality real estate projects that provide a significant economic impact to its region.

Hillwood’s developments impact many communities by building new infrastructure, recruiting new investment, creating new job opportunities and enhancing the quality of life for all. Many services that add value and cost savings are prevalent in Hillwood’s developments. These include Foreign Trade Zones, Enterprise Zones, Triple Freeport Inventory Tax Exemptions, employment and job training services, U.S. Customs facilitations, expertise in airport, railroad and green building development, property services and construction services.

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